■How To Use 'J-Tone'

Using 'J-Tone' step1 Step1
Addresses the backing paper still put on the site to post a 'J-Tone', cut slightly larger.
(Focusing too much, so careful to cut off the backing paper.)

Using 'J-Tone' step2 Step2
The current temporary clothes peel off paper backing from 'J-Tone' cut, clean cut along the lines of illustration.
(Note the overhang and cut too much, let's fix them before stripping)

Using 'J-Tone' step3 Step3
Once cut as illustrations, such as tweezers to gently strip where there is no need to rely on the backing paper clipped tone, which makes fixing a flat lightly rubbed away.

Using 'J-Tone' step4 Step4
1 complete repeat step 3.
'J-Tone' can be layered ※, by grinding, can extend variations of expression.

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